Thursday, May 28, 2009

Come on...Tell me your favorite foods to buy!

One of our local hospitals in town happens to be across the street from a Costco. One night while visiting the Costco, I told my husband that if I were ever hospitalized for any reason, I would want a "Costco View" room in that hospital and a pair of binoculars. I would pass the time by checking out all the things that people were buying. I love to see what people buy and I am such a sucker for trying new products. I am any food marketers dream, if they change the flavor, texture, or packaging I am more likely to buy that product. I get bored with the same old stuff that we usually get, and I would love your tips on things that you like to buy that might be new to me. Please leave a comment and let me know the things you buy at Costco or at the store that I need to try!

My Costco top 10 list
(in no particular order)
#1 Tortilla land uncooked tortillas (these are SOOO worth the extra effort of cooking yourself, but I have found that they get soggy in casseroles i.e. enchiladas, but they are great for all other recipes.)
#2 Marion berry Jam-- This jam is made with sugar and not corn syrup and it's so good I've been known to sneak a spoonful.
#3 Individually frozen tilapia fillets--I buy these and just zap them in the microwave with lemon for a great healthy lunch or dinner. Also great for oven fried fish sticks (see recipe on site)
#4 TastyWok Orange Chicken---My neighbor turned me on to this and now it is a regular go to dinner. The box contains two family sized servings ( it's not the individual rice bowls) You bake the chicken in the oven, top with orange sauce and serve over rice. It's as good as take out, I promise!
#5 Dried Mangoes. These are evil and I try not to buy them because I will eat the WHOLE bag at once, but they are delicious.
#6 Salsa Fresca. A salsa made with mostly roasted red peppers. It's good on chips, eggs, any Mexican dish, and mixed into rice.
#7 Edamame--the nutrition the kid friendliness cannot be beat
#8 Rice works chips...I can't remember what flavor they were, but everyone in the house gobbled them up
#9 Kirkland Vegetarian Lasagna
#10 Kirkland Ravioli

Grocery Store Favorites List coming soon!


Lindsey said...

Hilly, we are kirkland brand salsa lovers here! This is a good list! I will have to try the Edamame. Sounds good. :) I can't wait to see what else people add!

Lindsey said...

Oh, and we totally love the veggie lasagne too. But I haven't seen it at my store in a long time. We used to get it in Spokane all the time though.

Anne said...

Please tell me you've tried the French Truffles that they only bring out before Christmas. We are lovers of good chocolate father in law is French...and these are the BEST we've had. Divine. We stock up for the year!

Lauralee said...

chocolate covered pretzels..very good..and the pub mix.. cheap and good..
the lime flavored tortilla chips, I just bought this week, buy one get one free.. are sooooooooooo good!

Jessica Petersen said...

Up here at Costco they have these AMAZING frozen mini baguettes that you bake yourself. I don't know if they have them in Utah, but they are UNBELIEVABLE. Look for em. Also down in Utah (but not here, sad day) they have these casserole things, with chicken & rice. I don't remember the brand or what they're called officially but they are yummy too. Really yummy. And lastly, a non-Costco item: from Emigration Market, you'll have to try their Chicken & Wild Rice soup that's frozen and you thaw yourself. Oooh, it's soooo yummy. Especially in a bread bowl.

katherine said...

i always get a rotisserie chicken from costco and use the meat the first night for something like enchiladas, then the second for sandwiches or something and then i boil the whole chicken all up, and pick out the rest of the good meat and make chicken noodle soup and freeze it. i love those chickens and they are only $5! can't beat that.

Heather said...

What a fun idea...
As for Costco, our must haves include the Fruit Leather (can I count that as a fruit serving for my kids?, yes-sir-ee), the spinach/mozzarella frozen ravioli, Edamame for sure, frozen blueberries and frozen fruit in general (for smoothies, or Matt puts them in his cereal), Kirtland dried fruit and nut mix, Gummie-Vites (who can beat a kids vitamin that looks/tastes like a gummy bear?), and the list goes on (but my brain is tired and I can't think of more). :)

Cindy B said...

I just stumbled onto your blog, and I am so glad I did! I love new recipes.

My biggest fave at Costco is the chocolate cake, but I never buy it for myself because it has about a million calories a slice. I love Costco for the cheap meat. I get the giant pack of ground beef and make dozens of meatballs to freeze. My kids love them, which is always a plus.

Suzie said...

Diddo on the chocolate cake! New fav is the shrimp wonton soup. Also the multi-grain chips in the black bag, the Hawaiian rice bowls, the spinach and feta potstickers,Jacks special salsa.............Let's be honest, it's hard to go wrong at Costco.

Not to mention the best sample place ever !

Bruschke said...

man, this may take a while...
1.cibo naturals brand pesto-amazing. Yeah it's easy to make your own, but this stuff is a go to for everything.
2.Costco ORGANIC tortilla chips with
3.salsa fresca
those three mixed up- even add some brown rice-yum, and a complete protein!
5.Maranatha Almond butter
6.Panko breaded halibut-my kids LOVE this with a little "special sauce"
7.Squaw bread-a black bread that is whole and amazingly tasty and moist. Tastes even better than heart killing white bread.They just started selling this, AND it is in single loaves and a bargain. I used to have to buy this at whole foods and it was 2 bucks more.
8.Artichoke hearts are a bargain here
9.LOVE the tomato soup in boxes- I can't remember the brand. Also a whole foods favorite and costco carries it in a huge case their chicken broth is great too(same brand)
10. I totally buy the rotisserie chicken like Katherine oh, and tillamook swiss cheese is bueno as well as the belgioso mozerella
11. Miltons wole grain crackers are great-a kid fav as well
11. We too stock up on the french truffles at christmas. Hills, I think we gave you a box for know what I'm talkinbout!!
12.My favorite specialty item- Marcona almonds. These are so so so good. Pricey, but such a great treat. From Marcona, Spain. Worth the extra pennies.
Oh Costco, so yummy, so big, so good at quality, why must you taunt me with your big box bargains?
My kids like Costco better than the park- I have it all figured out. Maybe I'll do a blog post about costco as my Lagoon of choice...

Dave Min said...

agree with your recommendations (will have to try the cook-yourself-tortillas). one suggestion on the tilapia. zap 1 in the microwave, put in a tortilla with rice, black beans, cheese and salsa, and you've got yourself a great fish taco in about 5 minutes time. it's my go to lunch now.

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